Acting on a citizen's tip, police and sheriff's office apprehend suspected thief

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

PRESCOTT – On Sept. 11, 2021 the Linn County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a suspicious recreational vehicle and trailer parked at the D’s Mini Mart in Prescott by a concerned citizen.

According to an account by Linn County Sheriff Kevin Friend, a man driving a large RV flagged the citizen down and asked the location of the nearest hospital. The driver of the RV told the citizen he was in a motorcycle accident recently and needed medical attention.

The citizen grew suspicious when the male RV driver adamantly refused to use the assistance of an ambulance and the use of two different names, Friend said. The citizen agreed to take the male driver to the Fort Scott emergency room.

The sheriff said once the male was delivered to the emergency room, the citizen contacted the Fort Scott Police Department and voiced his concerns. At that time the Fort Scott Police department went to make contact with the male.

Inside the emergency room, the male gave a fictitious name to the officers. After a brief investigation, the true identity of the male was discovered. The suspect had two full extradition felony warrants from Texas and one from Wisconsin outstanding.

Friend said that when officers attempted to apprehend the male on the warrants, a brief foot chase ensued. The male was apprehended and is awaiting formal charges in Bourbon County at this time. It was then that the Linn County sheriff’s Office was alerted to the RV and trailer and asked to investigate.

After an extensive investigation conducted the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, it was revealed that the RV was stolen from an elderly couple in Arizona. The trailer being pulled by the RV was also determined to be stolen from an individual in Spark, Nev.

The sheriff said the trailer contained numerous stolen items including a 2018 Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was discovered the thefts of these items were from Arizona, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Total property value recovered was approximately $130,000. The identity of the suspect is being withheld until formal charges are filed. The investigation into this case will continue.

"This case was made due a report from a citizen who worked with law enforcement, when he saw something and reporting it," Friend said, adding that law enforcement agencies worked together to assure the recovery of the property from victims in multiple states and quail the activities of a thief who was operating nationwide.

"Many of the victims did not know their property was stolen," the sheriff said. "This is a great representation of the community and law enforcement working together."

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