Active COVID-19 cases top 114 as county sees virus surge

PLEASANTON – The total number of Linn County residents who tested positive for COVID-19 over the last week increased, while the number of active cases continued to climb as well.

The Linn County Health Department reported on Wednesday, Aug. 18, that it confirmed 65 new cases. That makes the third week in a row that the number of new cases increased by 50 or more during the week.

The number of active cases jumped from 71 last week to 114 on Wednesday, up 33 new cases. The number of active cases fluctuates depending on new cases and the number of people who no longer are considered to pose a risk of spreading the disease.

Six patients remained hospitalized including at lease one person still in an intensive care unit and was on a ventilator. No one died from the virus during the reporting period, and the Linn County death toll since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 14.

Mound City had 20 new cases during the period, bringing the total of active cases there to 42, the highest in the county. Pleasanton had 13 new cases, bring the active-case count to 25.

Parker had the third highest number of active cases at 15, including 12 new cases; Linn Valley had 10 active cases, including seven new cases, and La Cygne had nine active cases but only six new cases.

The active cases count around the remainder of the county included Centerville, seven, and Blue Mound and Prescott three each.

The number of children affected by the disease continued to climb. Thirty of the active cases involved children 17 years old and younger. Twenty-eight of the active cases were residents 18 to 34 years old, and 45 of the cases affected people from 35 to 64. Residents 65 and older had 11 active cases.

Seventy-three of the active cases were females, while forty-one were males.

The number of Linn County residents receiving vaccination has increased. A little more than 36 percent of residents 12 or older has received a complete, two injection series. That is up from 35 percent just a week ago.

The number of county residents 18 and older receiving a single dose is now more than 41 percent.

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