Additional training will be needed for county CDL holders

Updated: 1 day ago

MOUND CITY – New regulations for CDL holders means county employees who drive commercial vehicles will need additional training. That was the message that Morgan Northcutt, deputy county clerk and human resources officer, told the Linn County Commission on Monday.

She said the training could cost as much as $5,000 per person. Northcutt said that she and Public Works Director Shaun West had been looking into other options for training.

She read some information that West sent for the commissioners about registering the county and making one or more county employees certified trainers. According to West, that would allow the county to provide local training at a much lower cost to the county.

Two sessions of training must be provided to each new employee as part of the entry-level driver training. Those sessions are theory training and behind-the-wheel training. Theory training can be done by the purchase of manuals and personal instruction or by the use of online training.

The behind-the-wheel training requires both on and off the roadway. The only unknown is the off-roadway site requirements. In his message to the commission, West wrote that he would be working on that and finding out the costs for manuals and online training costs.

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