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Ambulance and fire reports for week

MOUND CITY – Linn County Commissioners Jim Johnson and Danny McCullough heard reports from the ambulance service and fire department on Mon. Nov. 21.

American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson reported that at present AMR had two open positions in Linn County. One person on an extended leave of absence but expected to come back and another position that has been open for a while.

Anderson said AMR was working with its regional recruiting team to get that position filled and is doing some paid targeted advertising.

Anderson reported that in the last seven days there had been 12 transports for a total of 44 so far in November.

Anderson reported the total calls for October were 114 and 60 transports with an overall average response time of 14 minutes, three seconds. Three patients were transferred out by helicopter, all were for cardiac issues.

By city, the numbers are:

• Blue Mound, 4 calls, 4 transports

• Centerville, 3 calls, 3 transports

• Fontana address, 2 calls, 2 transports

• La Cygne, 35 calls, 12 transports

• Linn Valley, 7 calls, 4 transports

• Mound City, 17 calls, 10 transports

• Parker, 11 calls, 6 transports

• Pleasanton, 30 calls, 16 transports

• Prescott, 4 calls, 4 transports

The breakdown for commission districts are:

• District 1, 45 calls, 18 transports, average response time 9 minutes 48


• District 2, 40 calls, 24 transports, 13 minutes, 16 seconds

• District 3, 38 calls, 18 transports, 21 minutes, 19 seconds

Linn County Fire Chief Randy Hegwald reported that there had been 10 incidents the past week bringing the yearly total to 507. He did not specify what the calls were.

Hegwald told the commissioners that the county fire board met last week and a large part of the discussion was on updating the standard operating guidelines (SOG) which had not been updated since 2013. He reminded them that the board still had one open position for a non-firefighter member from District 2.

McCullough questioned whether a person should be appointed or should he wait until the new committee resolution is approved. County Counselor Gary Thompson and Johnson both said a member could be appointed.

Hegwald said that he would start with the ones who had been on there the longest rotating them out and putting somebody on now that way they will be the last one to rotate off based on the new committee guidelines.

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