Ambulance report for April 4

MOUND CITY – American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson told the Linn County Commission on Monday, April 4, that AMR had filled the full-time paramedic position in Linn County. He said that Brandi Philpot, a well-tenured Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who has presently been serving in the county for nearly a decade, was hired for the position.

Philpot has just completed paramedic school and passed her the national board tests to be certified as a paramedic. He said that they were fortunate since it often takes years to fill a paramedic position.

He also told the commission that Jeff Boyd, Linn County paramedic, was receiving a national award from the American Ambulance Association, a national EMS association. The Journal is preparing a separate profile on Boyd that will be published later this week.

Anderson reported that AMR is now recruiting for a full-time EMT for Linn County.

Anderson reported that so far in April there had been five transports and next week he would give the report for March, which was very busy.

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