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Ambulance report for February 13 and month of January

MOUND CITY – American Medical Response (AMR) Supervisor Galen Anderson reported the figures for the week ending Feb. 11 and for the month of January to the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Feb. 13.

Anderson reported the total calls for January were 90 and 61 transports with an overall response time of 10 minutes, 42 seconds. Four patients were transferred out by helicopter. Two were for suspected strokes, one for suspected heart attack and one for trauma from a motor vehicle collision.

By city, the numbers are:

• Blue Mound, 2 calls, 1 transport

• Centerville, 4 calls, 2 transports

• Fontana, 1 call, 1 transport

• La Cygne, 23 calls, 17 transports

• Linn Valley, 4 calls, 3 transports

• Mound City, 18 calls, 12 transports

• Parker, 6 calls, 4 transports

• Pleasanton, 25 calls, 217 transports

• Prescott, 4 calls, 4 transport

• Three calls that did not fit in a specific city and resulted in no transports.

The breakdown for commission districts are:

• District 1, 27 calls, 20 transports, average response time 8 minutes 52


• District 2, 37 calls, 27 transports, 10 minutes, 24 seconds

• District 3, 23 calls, 14 transports, 13 minutes, 20 seconds

Anderson explained that in District 3, the time is average out between when the supervisor arrives and when the transporting ambulance arrives. For example, the supervisor arrives in 10 minutes and the ambulance arrives in 20 minutes so the reported time is 15 minutes or the average of the two.

Anderson said that there were 17 transports for the week ending Feb. 11. For the month of February so far, there have been 28 total transports..

Anderson told the commissioners that the only position left to fill in Linn County is for a full-time paramedic.

Commission Chair Danny McCullough asked if the helicopter that came belonged to AMR and where they came from. Anderson answered that they were from a sister company of AMR.

Anderson said that for the north part of the county they came from Overland Park, and for the south part, they came from Chanute.

McCullough asked if the Linn County Airport was listed as a place to land.

Anderson said no. He said that the 11 or 12 landing locations in Linn County were set up years ago by helicopter pilots for their safety in relation to power lines and other obstacles.

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