Ambulance service could lose two part-time employees over vaccination mandate

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

MOUND CITY – In his weekly report on Monday, Nov. 15, American Medical Response (AMR) supervisor Galen Anderson told the Linn County Commissioners that AMR employees are affected by the vaccination mandate because the company is contracted with the Veterans Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and it receives Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

“We may possibly lose a couple of part-time employees because of the mandate,” Anderson said. “But by and large our staffing is covered by full-time employees, and its not looking like we are going to lose any full-time employees. We are thankful for that.”

Anderson reported that the new SUV was in use in Centerville and had been outfitted with radios and the ability to track it and the safety camera that records events just like all of our other vehicles.

Anderson said that the new cardiac compression device had arrived. And a Stryker Manufacturing representative was coming down on Tuesday to do an in-service training with the AMR crews on it.

He explained that the cardiac compression device was a backboard that goes under a patient and a device clips over the patient’s chest that has a mechanical plunger. The device evaluates the distance from the board and provides mechanical compressions up and down non-stop until the battery dies which is hours and hours.

So it is going to be a big help for our crews working cardiac arrest with limited resources. And really to work a good cardiac arrest, its ideal to have four to six people. This device essentially gives us another person, or really it essentially gives us two other people. It frees up two sets of hands in any cardiac arrest situation.

Once the crews are all trained on that, we can set up some kind of demo so that the commissioners could see the SUV and the compression device in action on a mannequin.

Numbers wise, AMR is at 27 transports for the month, Anderson said.

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