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Ambulance service reports 110 calls for 23 days in February

MOUND CITY – Dawn Brooks, the new operations manager for American Medical Response (AMR), gave the month-to-date report for the ambulance service to the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Feb. 26.

Brooks, who was introduced last week by AMR supervisor Louis Aloi, had worked in the emergency medical services (EMS) field for 20 years, the last seven working as a supervisor for AMR in the Kansas City Area.

Brooks, who has been serving as the interim operations manager while a nationwide search was conducted for that position, was selected as the best candidate.

Brooks reported that from Feb. 1 through Feb. 23 there had been 110 calls resulting in 57 transports with an average response time of 13 minutes 48 seconds. Five patients were transferred out by helicopter. 

At last week’s meeting, Aloi reported that there had been 64 calls for the previous week with 31 transports.

By city, the numbers are:

• Blue Mound, 6 calls, 1 transport

• Centerville, 6 calls, 3 transports

• La Cygne, 37 calls, 23 transports 

• Linn Valley, 7 calls, 5 transports 

• Mound City, 17 calls, 8 transports 

• Parker, 9 calls, 3 transports

• Pleasanton, 25 calls, 12 transports 

• Prescott, 3 calls, 2 transports

The breakdown for commission districts are:

• District 1, 48 calls, 28 transports, average response time 11 minutes 49       


• District 2, 30 calls, 17 transports, 12 minutes, 30 seconds

• District 3, 31 calls, 11 transports, 18 minutes 33 seconds   

In District 3, the time is averaged out between when the supervisor arrives and when the transporting ambulance arrives. For example, the supervisor arrives in 10 minutes and the ambulance arrives in 20 minutes, so the reported time is 15 minutes or the average of the two.

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