Ambulance service reports on calls, transports for September

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Oct. 4, American Medical Response (AMR) Supervisor Galen Anderson handed out the monthly report for September.

Anderson reported that they had made 127 calls for service and completed 76 transports to hospitals.

By city, the numbers are: Blue Mound, 8 calls, 3 transports; Centerville 6 calls, 5 transports; Fulton address 2 calls, no transports; La Cygne 28 calls, 18 transports; Linn Valley 10 calls, 5 transports; Mound City 32 calls, 18 transports; Parker 4 calls, 3 transports; Pleasanton 35 calls, 24 transports; Prescott, 1 call and no transport; and 1 no city.

The breakdown for commission districts are, District 1, 48 calls, 31 transports, average response time 11 minutes 36 seconds; District 2, 43 calls, 26 transports, 9 minutes 13 seconds; and District #3 42 calls, 19 transports, 17 minutes 6 seconds.

Although the response times in District 3 seem longer, in reality they are not. In District 3, the time per call is determined by the average of when the paramedic supervisor stationed at Centerville arrives and when the ambulance arrives, Anderson reported.

An example of that averaging would be when the paramedic arrives on a scene in 10 minutes and the transport vehicle arrives in 20 minutes. The response time is averaged out to be 15 minutes even though the paramedic arrived in 10 minutes.

Anderson said that there were six people transported by helicopter, two for stroke, one cardiac, two for significant trauma from a motor vehicle, and one for significant respiratory arrest.

Linn County Commissioner Danny McCullough thanked them for having an ambulance at the Pleasanton rodeo event.

McCullough said he had been contacted by someone to ask about having an ambulance there, and that person had gotten sick and failed to make the arrangements.

Anderson said that they were contacted at the last minute and were not able to call in another crew, so they moved the on-duty crew there as a non-dedicated standby. If AMR is notified by event coordinators ahead of time, they send a dedicated crew there. Anderson said they could contact him if a standby crew was needed.

Anderson concluded by telling the commissioners that the new vehicle for Centerville should be there in about a month. It will be able to carry a gurney, if necessary.

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