AMR reports 68 transports for month of October

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

MOUND CITY – American Medical Response (AMR) Supervisor Galen Anderson updated Linn County Commissioners on Mon., Nov. 8, and presented the data for October.

Anderson told commissioners that the new Ford Expedition Max was in service for the use of the AMR supervisor at Centerville and was out in the parking lot. But there were still a few things to do, like arrange where jump bags and supplies were going to be. Because the supervisor was adjusting to operating in a SUV rather than an ambulance, not everything had found its place in the vehicle yet..

In the next few weeks, AMR should have a cardio compression device that will also be stored in that vehicle and that probably would be a good time to have the commissioners take a look inside and outside once the supervisors have it fully set up for their daily needs, Anderson said.

He said that in October there were four requests from Blue Mound with three resulting in transport; Centerville had one request that did not result in a transport; one request that fell into the Fontana area that resulted in a transport; La Cygne 27 requests with 18 transports; Linn Valley seven requests with four transports; Mound City 25 requests with 13 transports; Parker nine requests with six transports; Pleasanton 30 requests resulting in 19 transports, and Prescott three calls which resulted in three transports. Two calls did not have city locations and resulted in one transport.

Breaking the data down into the three commission districts, District 1 had 45 requests and 26 transports and the average response time was 9 minutes 6 seconds; District 2 had 38 calls which resulted in 23 transports, with an average response time of 8 minutes 16 seconds; and District 3 had 39 calls resulting in 19 transports and a response time of 15 minutes 16 seconds. The average response time overall was 10 minutes 46 seconds, he said.

Anderson said that one person was flown out by helicopter in October and that was for a significant cardiac issue.

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