AMR to add chest compression device for cardiac patients

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Aug. 23, American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson reported to the Linn County Commission that in October AMR has budgeted the purchase of a Lucas 3 Cardio Compression Device for use in Linn County. Anderson said that for several years AMR had wanted to have one of these devices in Linn County.

The device, for patients suffering from cardiac arrest, goes under the back and over the chest. It is programmed to do chest compressions so it frees up hands of the paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT). Anderson said the device would be located in the supervisor’s vehicle on the west side of the county.

He said the supervisor attended all cardiac calls. He also said that it would also be helpful to the supervisor by allowing him to start the compressions with the machine so he can move on to administering medications or doing airway procedures until help arrives.

In a separate interview, Anderson said that AMR’s contract with the county was for one paramedic and one EMT at both Pleasanton and La Cygne. At Centerville, the supervisor, who is a paramedic, is at the station by himself.

During previous commission meetings, AMR representatives have reported response times and they are always longer on the west side, sometimes up to 16 minutes.

Anderson explained that AMR and the commission had decided that the way response times would be reported were by the average of the first responder and the ambulance arriving.

For example, if someone were having a cardiac problem at Parker and the supervisor from Centerville made it there in eight minutes and started care. Then the ambulance from La Cygne got there in 22 minutes, the response time would be an average of the two or 15 minutes.

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