Christmas gifts for a family taken from Parker church

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

PARKER – A real-life grinch appears to have stolen Christmas early Monday morning, Dec. 13. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office received a call about 6 a.m. regarding a burglary at the First Baptist Church in Parker, according to a statement released by Sheriff Kevin Friend.

According to Friend, the caller reported that Christmas presents for the children had been stolen.

A deputy located camera footage in the area. Based on that footage it appears that at approximately 3:10 a.m. a vehicle entered the area of the church.

Cameras were recently installed on the church, according to Rod Clinton, church treasurer. He said the image of the car is fair but not the person standing beside it.

Investigators are looking at additional video from the Parker area to determine if anything else may be located, according to Friend.

According to Clinton, the items taken included bedding and toys for four boys, ages 2 to 6. Every year the church collects donations to help out a family that is picked anonymously by Parker Elementary School.

“We don’t know who they are,” he said. He added that the items were supposed to be delivered to the school on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

“We repurchased all of it today,” Clinton said. “We were surprised at all of the people who reached out to help. There was an outflow of concern, including a call from the City of Pleasanton.”

He said that if the person who took the items needed them or needed some other kind of help, that person could have just asked.

“That’s what the church is all about, is how you can help people,” Clinton said, adding that the church often helped people pay utilities when they needed help.

The sheriff asks that If anyone has any information regarding this burglary, the vehicle or the person in the photo, please contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at (913) 795-2665, and ask for Detective Alex Cochrane.

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