Commission adds $100K to 2021 health department budget

Updated: Jan 20

MOUND CITY – A budget amendment hearing for the Linn County Health Department was held on Monday, Dec. 27.

The hearing was held because the health department was getting close to the budget amount for 2021.

Linn County Commission Chair Rick James called the meeting to order. There was no public comment.

County Clerk David Lamb explained that he felt it necessary that the health department budget be raised because the department had plenty of cash but it was pushing what was in its original 2021 budget. He said the department might come in within the original budget at the end of the year but he felt it was safer to amend it.

The health department budget was raised from just over $407,000 to about $507,500.

The revised budget gave the health department another $100,000 in spending authority. There was no change in tax income, because it was mainly income it had received from grants.

Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson said that this gave the staff the authority to spend grant money they had received. He said that there were two things necessary to spend money, one was to have the cash and the other was to have the budget authority.

The commissioners adopted the budget amendment.

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