Commission approves bridge inspection bid

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners on Nov. 22 approved a bid from Kaw Valley Engineering of $11,721 to inspect 199 bridges in Linn County. This list of bridges to be inspected is given to the county by the State. Most bridges are inspected every other year. Two of the 199 bridges require yearly inspections.

Public Works Director Shaun West said that the project had been put out for bids and he had only received four bids, ranging from the $11,721 to $93,000.

The commissioners briefly discussed what could be done about old one lane bridges that had concrete walls that were 3- to 4-feet high.

Commission Chair Rick James said that farm machinery now is too big for those bridges.

West said that several bridges like that had already been damaged.

James asked West to check into what could be done on those bridges.

West recommended that the commissioners hire Rhonda Hunt as part-time marina clerk at the Linn County Park for $10.30 an hour. Commissioners approved hiring her.

West told the commissioners that the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and Trans-System had been doing load ratings across the state. He said that they dropped off the new load ratings for 40 bridges in Linn County and six have changed. The county will change the load limit signs on those bridges.

West reported on problems with the floor at the Parker Senior Center. He will look into flooring solutions for that building.

James asked West about the costs of asphalting roads in Linn County by mile, both by Linn County crews or hiring it to be done. West said he would bring the numbers next Monday.

James wants to have these figures for when funds become available from the federal government.

West reported that they had received the bill for the Parker asphalt job from Bettis Asphalt for $721,335 and that he recommended paying it.

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