Costs for Botkin Road bridge clarified

Updated: Mar 3

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Feb. 21, Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson clarified the status of the Botkin Road bridge project to the Linn County Commission.

Thompson said that Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental, Olathe, the company that Linn County contracts with for engineering, had presented a bill for the work to design the replacement of the Botkin Road bridge.

According to Thompson the total bill was for about $16,000 for the project.

Thompson said that they approved contracts with Bryan-Ohlmeier Construction, Paola, Kans. for the Botkin Road Bridge. The contract is for $147,881 for the construction of the bridge.

The latest start date on the project would be June 6, and the work is set be completed in 60 days.

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