Commission approves jail security cameras on split vote

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Aug. 2, Linn County Information Technology Director Chris Martin told county commissioners that he was in the process of purchasing security camera equipment, cameras and switches, for the new law enforcement building. The cost of those items: $65,000.

Martin reminded the commissioners about how the cost of the security system cameras was pulled out of the construction budget because the county could install them significantly cheaper. Martin pointed out that the amount for the cameras was more than $200,000 in the original construction bid.

He said he was preparing to order the equipment relatively quickly because of the lead time in getting things, specifically switches. He said he had gone over this with the construction company and Sheriff Kevin Friend.

The conduit and wiring for the security camera system is being installed by the electrical contractor.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked if the $65,000 was in addition to the cost of the jail.

County Counselor Gary Thompson told the commissioners that they took it out of the project and the money is set to come out of the county budget.

“So the price of the jail just went up is what you are telling me?” asked Johnson.

Commission Chair Rick James made a motion to spend up to $65,000 for the purchase of the security system. The motion passed 2 to 1, with Johnson voting no.

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