Commission approves purchase of fire department software

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

MOUND CITY – Linn County Commissioners approved new fire department software for the Linn County fire department on Monday, Nov. 29. They authorized Linn County Fire Chief Doug Barlet to commit to a five-year agreement with the FireWorks company for an annual fee of $6,700 and a set up fee of $2,000 to be paid the first year.

Barlet and Fire Board of Trustees Vice-Chair Russell Beth attended the commission meeting to explain why the new software program was needed. The company that sells the FIREHOUSE software that the department is using now will no longer be in business at the end of 2022. A new company is taking them over but their initial cost for their new program will be $20,000 and $16,800 annually.

Purchasing the agreement with FireWorks before the end of the year when the payment is due for FIREHOUSE, allows the fire department access to their records at the present company, Barlet said.

The new software will allow much more information to be stored and available to firefighters including inventory, maintenance, pre-planning for hazardous locations, location and pressure of hydrants, and satellite images of the fire area, he said.

Barlet also gave the fire department report of 401 calls year-to-date There were 11 calls the past week. They were one emergency management services assist, one landing zone, five grass fires, two motor vehicle accidents, a natural gas leak, and two fire alarms.

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