• Charlene Sims, Journal staff

Commission approves study of solid waste management

MOUND CITY – Public Works Director Shaun West reported to the Linn County commissioners on Monday, Oct. 31, that Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental, the county’s contracted engineer, had completed its proposal to do a study of the cost-benefit analysis of redoing the current solid waste transfer station and its method of operation.

The study will be of the equipment, the infrastructure, and the operation that would be needed to convert the current transfer station to a tipping floor that uses a walking trailer as well as compare the mileage and costs to the landfill they are currently using.

West said that the concern for change is that the operational fees for the landfill went up $70,000 last year. He said the system is outdated and ineffective and will continue to cost the county money. By having them do this study, the county is asking them to confirm this and show the county the costs of operating differently.

The commissioners approved Pfefferkorn doing the study at a cost of $12,600.

In other business, the commissioners:

• Learned from County Counselor Gary Thompson that he had just received the site plan of the gas line on the courthouse grounds around the old sheriff’s office. He said that the county would have to make and application for the actual moving of the line. After that, he would publish the advertisement for demolition of the building. He would also need to know when the dispatchers were going to be moved out of the old building.

• Read a report from Linn County Health Department Director Missy Lancaster saying that she could not attend the meeting because two of her staff were absent and one was at the doctor, leaving only two people at the department. For this reason, she asked that discussion of the proposed awning be continued until next week.

She also wrote that about the Trunk or Treat on Sunday night in Pleasanton was very successful with at least 200 kids attending. It was sponsored by the health department and the fire department. Also during the past week, the department held 10 satellite clinics and gave 331 flu shots. She wanted to remind people that flu shots are given on a walk-in basis throughout the week but that COVID vaccinations were only given on Wednesdays.

• Decided to store the old metal detector from the old district court building.

• Learned from County Clerk David Lamb that the clerk’s office had sent out 215 advance voting ballots and that there had already been 180 walk-in voters.

• Approved three line burials. The first one was for Anderson County RWD at 9567 1150 Road. The second was a bore for Telecom Lumen CenturyLink to replace 20 gauge copper cable at 19045 Devlin Road. The last one was a blanket approval for fiber optic cable for JMZ Corp., which contracts with KwiKom, from Centerville to Blue Mound. The fee was waived on this project because they will be working as partners with the county.

• Learned from West that Roger Carbon had sent a “thank you” to the county for allowing farmers to pump out of the river to water livestock.

• Approved allowing West to publish request for proposals (RFP) for remodeling the courthouse, the old attorney’s office building, the old district court building, and the county annex.

• Approved a bid of more than $8,800 from Conlan Tires for 20 large truck tires.

• Learned from West that the county had received the distribution of state highway funds and the amount was more than $131,900.

• Approved paying a bill from Bettis Asphalt and Construction for the Ungeheuer Road overlay of 5.7 miles. West said that when the agreement with Bettis was originally entered into, Bettis had encouraged them to do the fluctuating pricing because oil prices were expected to go down. Instead, they went up but Bettis offered the county the price of about $630,300 which was the fixed price at the time of the agreement. If stuck with the fluctuating price agreement, the county would have paid about $642,000.

• Learned that the Noxious Weed Department employees had decided to postpone their pest control testing until December since they were both working with the Solid Waste department as truck drivers since the resignation of Mike Marsh.

• Approved a request from West to move Zack Daniels from $14.85 to $15.09 per hour. West reported that Daniels was the first operator to complete the commercial driver’s license (CDL) training through the county. West said that Daniels will be moved him to the solid waste department to cover the shortage of personnel there.

• Asked that Whitaker Quarry come and talk with the commission about rock prices.

• Approved a resolution presented by Planning and Zoning Administrator Darin Wilson to amend the sanitation code of the county. The amendment states that it is mandatory that the sanitation system pass inspection before resale of property. Sanitation haulers will now be authorized to inspect sanitation systems before resale of property and turn in a report to the county.

• Discussed allowing poly tanks for septic tanks. At present, the county only accepts concrete tanks.

• Learned from Wilson that the planning commission was holding workshops on Nov. 1 and Nov. 10 to work on zoning regulations. On Nov. 10 they will be meeting with James Kaup, the attorney that is doing the rewrite of the regulations. The planning commission will have its regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m.

• Learned from Wilson that the baskets for the Centerville sewer system were shipped and should be here on Wednesday or Thursday. The company will then contact Wilson to set up a time for installation.

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