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Commission approves vehicle for IT department

Updated: Jul 22

MOUND CITY – On Monday, May 16, the Linn County Commissioners voted to transfer a used car formerly used by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office to the Information Technology (IT) department. This came after IT Director Chris Martin explained about the amount of driving he and his assistant, Nick Graham, put on their personal vehicles.

Martin and Graham work on IT projects at all of the county departments and the Linn County Park.

Martin explained that they used to use the county station wagon at the annex when they could, but it has been moved to the airport. Sheriff Kevin Friend said that he was going to put a deputy’s car on surplus to sell and Martin thought he would run it by the commissioners.

In other business, the commissioners:

  • Approved a payment to River City contractors for about $494,000, then approved the bills for the week for nearly $813,000. River City’s payment was included in this amount. County Clerk David Lamb said that, including the retainage, there was roughly $1.6 million left in the construction fund.

  • Hired Dennis Hardy Sr. as full-time seasonal worker for summer mowing for the Pleasanton area at $10.35 an hour.

  • Learned from Economic Director Jessica Hightower that a draft for the comprehensive plan will be ready by the end of this month and then it will go to the advisory committee for editing. It will go to the county planning and zoning commission at their June meeting to make sure they like it and will approve it and then it will come before the commission.

  • Learned that Hightower and the airport committee were increasing the fuel price at the airport to $5.50.

  • Learned that the damaged tarp for the hoop building at the airport is insured. The quotes for the tarp are ClearSpan $3,018. It is a 12.5 ounce tarp. This is not the original company that made the building. The other one is from Big Top Manufacturing, the company that made the original tarp, and it is 18 ounces. Public Works Director Shaun West recommended the Big Top tarp because of the weight and their knowledge of how the original tarp was made.

  • Learned that the air conditioning unit at the Centerville Senior Center and the one at the county annex did not work during the heat wave last week. They both have been repaired. The one at the senior center was able to be repaired but the one at the annex had to be replaced because the condenser was bad. The cost was about $5,000.

  • Learned that the Linn County Child Care Committee was having two meetings this week, one Tuesday night and one Thursday night. The meetings are being called listening sessions with existing daycare providers to see what issues they are having, if any, and if the county can help fill gaps for them. Those providers are also being asked if they would be willing to recruit new daycare providers.

  • Learned that two volunteer firefighters are going to get certified to check fire extinguishers for the county.

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