Commission commits to approving water line burial

Updated: Mar 10

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commission on Monday, Feb. 14, approved a measure that would allow the City of La Cygne to provide water to a property on the southwest outskirts of the city.

County Counselor Gary Thompson brought up the issue that required action by the commission. He told the commissioners that Judy Patterson, who lives southwest of La Cygne, wanted water brought to her house, and Linn County Rural Water District No. 1 was not prepared to run the line because of where the home was located.

Thompson said the landowner agreed to relinquish that territory to the City of La Cygne if the city would put in a water line. The procedure was required because the property is outside city limits.

Thompson said that it is his understanding that the City of La Cygne is open to doing that if they can be assured that the county will allow them to run the water line down the county’s right of way. The home is at the end of East 2150 Lane, and it is a deadend west of the city.

He said this is something the county would normally do through its permitting process where the county would grant a burial permit. But the city wants something from the county in advance indicating that the county will allow it.

Thompson suggested commissioners pass a motion to affirm that an application for burial of a waterline would be supported when this application comes to the commission.

The commissioners approved a motion that the commission intends to approve any application to properly install a water line in this right of way.

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