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Commission delays decision on health department remodel

By Charlene Sims,

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners, on Monday, Jan. 29, held off on approving bids for improvements to the county health department that would include removing walls and finishing off an area for a classroom at its building in Pleasanton.

Linn County Health Department Director Amanda Snyder brought two bids for the classroom project to the commissioners and they decided to wait another week to make a decision. Snyder has told them that this is COVID grant money that has been approved for the classroom. 

After not receiving any bids the first time published, Snyder received a bid of $74,800 from Johnson Construction. But it was more than was available in the grant for the project. 

She then worked with Randy Page, Linn County construction consultant, on ways to bring down the cost and then republished for bids. 

Page gave her a bid of $39,975. Before coming to the commission meeting, she received a bid from Fresh Start Remodel’s Adam Reeves, Amsterdam, Mo., for $40,469.

Commission Chair Jason Hightower said he thought they should allow Randy Page to do the classroom at the health department.

Commissioner Jim Johnson said he was a “no” on it.

Commissioner Danny McCullough said he still thought these bids were really high.

Snyder got a bid of $8,825 from Charles Bauer to update the receptionist area so two people can sit in there if necessary. Bauer built the cabinets for the rest of the building.

The commissioners decided to wait on that project as well. Funding for both projects are from grant funds that need to have projects completed and the money spent by June 1.

Other information that Snyder presented to the commissioners was:

• The number of people served in January was 100 as of Friday, Jan. 26.

• The health department will offer biometric screenings for county employees at the annex on Feb. 13 from 7 a.m. to noon. This is an opportunity to complete this requirement for the county health insurance discount. The cost will be $25 for a standard lab draw and $35 if an A1C test is needed. These are fasting labs.

Snyder said that county employees can use their HSA to cover this cost. She said the goal was to start offering these on a six month schedule so employees had the opportunity to get them done. She also wanted to remind employees that they could come to the health department and get them done anytime.

• Snyder notified the commissioners that she would be out on medical leave from Feb. 28 to March 20. She said she would be updating the commissioners about health department information either by email or would have Danielle Casey, the head nurse at the health department, come to the meeting. 

Commission Chair Jason Hightower told her whichever way she preferred.

• Snyder told the commissioners that at the end of March, she and Casey will be attending the National Preparedness Summit which is part of the Public Health Emergency Preparation (PHEP) grant.

• Snyder said that last week planning started for community baby shower and kids’ fair which will be Friday, April 26, 5 to 7 p.m.

• She told the commissioners that they were in the beginning stages of planning a cancer walk for awareness and early detection screenings.

• Snyder said that she had had three people interested in serving on the health advisory board from Commission District No. 3. Following a review of applicants commissioner appointed physician Sheryl Bushman to the board.

• Snyder informed the commissioners that she still needed somebody from District No. 2 and the person could be either a health care or non-healthcare person but no one has filled out that application on the county’s website.

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