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Commission delays decision on participation in codes public hearing

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

By Charlene Sims, Journal staff

MOUND CITY – Linn County Planning and Zoning Director Darin Wilson met with the county commissioners on Monday, April 17, to update them on the zoning and subdivision regulations public hearing and the building codes workshop.

Wilson reminded the commissioners that the planning commission had finished with the proposed new zoning regulations and the public hearing will be on Thursday, April 27, at 7 p.m. The hearing will be at the Prairie View High School Performing Arts Center.

The commissioners discussed whether they should schedule a special meeting if they were all attending. Commissioner Jim Johnson said that he did not know if he was going to attend. Commissioner Jason Hightower said that he plans to attend and Commission Chair Danny McCullough is thinking about attending.

The commissioners decided to finalize their decision about making it a special meeting at next week’s commission meeting.

County Counselor Gary Thompson said if more than one attended they should probably declare it a special meeting. He discouraged them from making any comments at the hearing, especially if they did not make it a special meeting.

Wilson briefly talked with the commissioners on the upcoming building codes workshop scheduled for next week’s commission meeting on April 24. He explained that building codes are not connected with the zoning regulations.

He told the commissioners that the building codes would be just like the sanitary code and nuisance codes of the county.

Thompson pointed out that any new codes would require a public hearing.

At previous meetings, Wilson has told the commissioners that they do not have to adopt every code in the International Building Code (IBC) book but can just pick and choose what is important to Linn County. Wilson will bring some codes that he thinks would benefit the county and its residents to that meeting.

One of the options discussed between Wilson and the commissioners would be to have completed buildings inspected and when they are finished issue a certificate of occupancy. This would also let the appraiser know when the building permits are getting closed out.

At a meeting on April 3, McCullough asked if building codes were mentioned in the county’s comprehensive plan. Wilson had said he was not sure of the exact number but something like 60% of the respondents wanted some kind of building codes.

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