Commission delays payment for COVID-19 testing equipment

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commission decided to wait to pay the bill of $4,470 for the maintenance of the COVID-19 testing equipment at the health department on Monday, Sept. 13.

Linn County Health Director Tisha Coleman had submitted the bill that was due Nov. 25.

The cost would be reimbursable through a grant, said Linn County Clerk David Lamb.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked why the county had to pay it now.

County Counselor Gary Thompson pointed out that Coleman was probably trying to get things wrapped up before she leaves for her new job.

Johnson said that since only 250 tests or so had been done he would like to wait and see where the county was headed with the health department.

Robin Spencer, public health officer with the county health department, said the department has given 420 tests since the equipment was installed last fall.

Last week, Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department (SEKMCHD) Administrator and Health Officer Becky Johnson had talked to the commission at Johnson’s request about rejoining the SEKMCHD system.

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