Commission orders weekly COVID reports to cease

Updated: Jan 25

MOUND CITY – At the Dec. 27 Linn County Commission meeting, commission Chair Rick James said that they have asked that the county officials to stop reporting on COVID-19 cases. He said that people can just refer to the information from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for their numbers.

James said that the commission had requested that Emergency Preparedness Director Doug Barlet stop making the reports since it was taking a lot of his time.

It’s not necessary now, said James.

Health Department Director Missy Lancaster had not been aware that they had asked Barlet to stop reporting. She said that she would let the commissioners know if there is a spike in the numbers. She also said her department would keep watch on what happens after the holidays.

Omicron is in the state, so we are watching for that, said Lancaster. So far all recent cases in Linn County have been the delta variant.

Lancaster said that the health department is no longer scheduling appointments for boosters. People can just walk in on Wednesdays to receive the Moderna boosters, which are free.

Lancaster also said the flu shots are available for free.

Lancaster reported that more than 600 people have been tested with the testing equipment. Some of those are testing for COVID-19 before they travel.

“Now this is the ones that have been vaccinated and still testing positive,” asked County Commissioner Jim Johnson.

Lancaster said her department is trying to track who had been vaccinated and who had not, but it is difficult when they were so busy.

James asked Lancaster to bring in numbers next week showing how many people who test positive have been vaccinated.

The numbers of the positive tests, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, Johnson clarified.

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