Commission puts park plans on hold awaiting Evergy contract

Updated: Apr 1

MOUND CITY – Linn County Public Works Director Shaun West met with the Linn County Commission on Tuesday, Feb. 22, to report on the Linn County Park.

West told the commissioners that the mower for the park was ordered and would be available for pickup on March 7.

He told the commissioners that the equipment for the Internet for the cabins has been ordered. He said he was looking at the type of televisions and the types of set up for the cabins.

“We don’t want to get your average smart TV that saves the customer’s information on the TV or has to be factory reset every time,” said West. There are some different options there.

West said that he had received a bid for building a cabin at the park. The bid that West gave to the commissioners is the county’s materials minus the site preparation and the concrete.

He said those were the only materials that the contractor would bring. The rest would be either previously purchased materials in the storage building or replacement items that had been pulled from work on cabins. The county would be responsible for all the material costs less the concrete for that job.

Commissioner Rick James asked if the county really needed to do this right now. He said it was going to take five years of renting the cabin every day to get the money back.

James said he would like to wait on building the cabin until other areas were addressed. He said there were some other things he thought needed to happen first for the park to grow. Those included expanding the retail power of the marina and adding televisions and service to the cabins so people want to be there.

The house at the park, which used to be the residence of the park ranger, was discussed. West said that it would probably make a good rental for families staying at the park. He said that the tenant living there now had recently asked to extend the lease for three months.

West said that the county had not received the contract from Evergy that was due in January. When the county does receive it, West said he would like to include Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) because one of the improvements the county is looking at is adding a swimming area.

At present, KDWP holds all the water rights at the lake. KDWP would like to discuss the water issues to make sure everyone is on the same page, he said.


The commission asked West to call Evergy rather than email them to see if the contract was ready. The commissioners agreed that all improvements and changes should stay on hold until they receive the contract.

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