Commission questions Linn County Park profitability

Updated: Jul 22

MOUND CITY – After receiving the latest Linn County Park report on Monday, April 18, Commissioner Danny McCullough said that he would like for the Park Manager Sheri Loveland to come meet with the commissioners to discuss more ways the park could make money.

County Counselor Gary Thompson told the commissioners that several of the big expenses for the park go out in January, February and March.

County Clerk David Lamb verified that typically the K Camp insurance payment and a couple of month’s worth of utilities get paid in January.

McCullough said that Loveland needed to come up with a plan to offset that cost, to generate some money.

Commission Chair Jim Johnson questioned continuing to put money into the park if they county doesn’t have a contract with Evergy.

Thompson said the county did have a temporary contract.

James said that the park always breaks even or better at the end of the year, and then it gets buried by expenses January through April. He said the county needs to work on the house and make it an Airbnb house.

Lamb said it was a pretty big hole starting this year, but then he also told the commissioners that the final numbers from last year were $294,000 income and $258,000 expenses. That does not include benefits for the employees.

The park was way down at this time last year, said Lamb. The income started picking up in April and increased in the summer months and on through October.

“The first three months income last year was just shy of $40,000 and so far this year it is a little over $50,000 so the income has gone up $10,000 from the first three months of last year,” said Lamb.

James asked the others if they wanted to close it.

McCullough said that he just wanted to come up with a plan of some way to generate money.

James said, “I don’t know that the park was necessarily designed to make a lot of money, but it’s for the people to enjoy as well.”

McCullough said he thought the county could make money and people could enjoy it.

Johnson said the problem was that they had to get permission from Evergy to make changes.

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