Commission realigns salaries for road and bridge crew

Updated: Jan 20

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners approved the hiring of a mechanic at the Pleasanton shop and salary adjustments for other workers on Monday, Dec. 27.

Matthew Oberlechner was hired into the Mechanic II position at Pleasanton for $17.46 per hour.

Linn County Commission Chair Rick James said that the following adjustments are the result of evaluating everybody’s pay. He said the county hired a couple of people previously that were actually making more than people who had been working for the county a while.

He said everything got out of whack and needed to be realigned. He said he believed that, with the adjustments, the county was on track for good now.

The salary adjustments for the road and bridge department are:

Brandon Whisenhunt, $17.46 hour

Franklin Leonard, $17.80 hour

Joseph Oldham, $15.09 hour

Roger Vaughn, $14.89 hour

Levi Whisenhunt, $15.70 hour

Kevin Lewis, $15.70 hour

Dennis Hardy, $15.70 hour

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