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Commission schedules hearing to gate off portion of Iliff Road

Updated: Nov 30

The Linn County Commission has agreed to hold a hearing on gating off a portion of Iliff Road south of the Miami County line. (Linn County mapping department map)

MOUND CITY – Weary of people trespassing, stealing equipment and even stealing livestock, the owners of property on either side of Iliff Road just south of the Miami County line asked the Linn County Commission for permission to install gates across the road.

The discovery of a missing Lawrence man’s body and car on property adjoining Iliff Road on the west may have been an added reason for requesting the closure.

The request came at the commission’s meeting on Monday, Oct. 24. The commission approved a proposal to have a hearing on Nov. 14 about making Iliff Road north of 2400 Road a minimum maintenance road and then gating it.

Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson said that the landowners had completed an application for this process along with an agreement of the landowners on that section of Iliff Road. He said that if anyone had not agreed, the county would not be able to do this.

Thompson said that on Nov. 14, the commissioners could pass two resolutions: One to make that section of Iliff minimum maintenance and the second allowing gates on the road. He told commissioners the county had the application and agreement between property owners as to how to handle the gates.

Linn County landowner Dannie Stewart asked that the commission allow a section of Iliff Road 3400 feet north of 2400 Road to be gated and thus made minimum maintenance.

Thompson said Stewart also was asking for it to be gated from the county line (which is north of the creek) south to a point north of his property which is about 3400 feet north of 2400 Road. Thompson said that the road from the north side of Stewart’s property to the county line has not been used much.

Stewart said that there were only two residences past the gate location that he was requesting and one was his residence on the east side and his neighbor’s, David Senter, on the west side of Iliff. He said that Senter agreed to the gating of the road.

Stewart explained that the road became a dead end at Middle Creek at a place that he called Brandt’s Ford. He said that years ago he used to wash his car there but now people on four-wheelers ride around the creek destroying the banks of the creek and driving through his fence.

He said that he owned property on both sides of Middle Creek and did not appreciate them ruining the banks and the fencing.

In the last 20 years since he purchased 120 acres there, Stewart said, people had stolen parts and the battery from his tractor, then stealing the tractor after he had it repaired. He said that wire panels and pipe gates, two trail cameras, a deer stand, a deer feeder, and just recently a $4,000 bull was stolen.

“I have an apple tree down there and if someone had come and asked me for some apples, I would have given them to them, but someone came and picked the whole tree clean,” said Stewart.

Stewart said that Iliff and Lookout (the name of the road on the Miami County side) roads are perfect escape routes for thieves to either Linn or Miami counties because of the lack of homesteads along that road.

He said that kids have had so many parties down there that he used to go down there every other week and pick up two or three trash bags of debris left by partiers.

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