Commission still undecided on annex demolition

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

MOUND CITY – It became apparent this week that the entire Linn County Commission is not sold on demolishing the courthouse annex building that now sits in front of where the entrance to the new Linn County Judicial Center will be. Original plans called for the demolition to make room for parking.

The commission still uses the annex for its meetings, and public works, economic development and planning and zoning departments are still housed there.

Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson presented a change order to the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Nov. 1, for nearly $109,000 for changing the parking lot surface material from asphalt to concrete.

The commissioners had decided to go with concrete when the River City representative explained that by the time they would be surfacing the parking lot, which included tearing down the storage building and possibly the annex building, it would be too late in the year to do asphalt. He also told them by spring the asphalt prices were predicted to go above the price of concrete.

The added cost of about $92,000 to $94,000 is for the change in material and extra work for adding expansion joints and cutting.

Commission Chair Rick James asked if that included the area that the courthouse annex now occupies, and Thompson said it did.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked what the difference would be if the annex building was not torn down.

James said that just a little chunk would come off of the amount.

Thompson said that, while the nearly $109,000 was coming out of the project’s general contingency fund, the county had other contingencies in other parts of the contract that would not be used. Those contingency funds will go back into the general contingency fund.

The commissioners approved the change order.

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