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Commission won't fund homeless program in Prescott

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

MOUND CITY – While the Linn County Commission indicated it was concerned about the possibility of homeless people in the county, it is not willing to commit any money toward addressing the problem. That was the message the commission sent during its meeting on Monday, Nov. 20.

Commission Chair Danny McCullough said that, even though the commission listened to Wade Booth’s proposal to set up a homeless shelter in the former Country Manor building in Prescott, it did not mean the commissioners were in favor of it.

McCullough said it was not his intent to use any tax dollars for a homeless shelter in Linn County.

Commissioner Jim Johnson said he was good with that.

Commissioner Jason Hightower said that he was concerned about the group’s ability to follow through with their plans. He also said he was not in favor of using tax dollars to fund a private enterprise like this.

On Oct. 23 and again on Nov. 13, Booth, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pleasanton, has appeared before the commission to request funding to make the former Country View nursing home in Prescott into a shelter for the homeless.

He has said that the congregation of his church was willing to donate $50 a month to support any homeless residents there. However, he said it would cost up to $10,000 to get the facility plumbing ready to open with a $2,000 a month operating cost.

The request by Booth could be seen as a proposal by proxy for building owner Jessy Willard, who several times over the past few years has tried to convince the commission to invest county funds into reviving a nursing home in the building.

The commission finally told Willard not to approach the commission again with the request.

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