Commission given final election results from Nov. 2

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commission recessed from the board of commission meeting to reconvene as the board of canvassers Nov. 15 to go to the courthouse to canvass the provisional ballots of the election after hearing a summary of the elections from County Clerk David Lamb.

Before recessing the meeting, the commissioners also moved to schedule a special meeting on Tuesday night, Nov. 16, at the Bunker Hill building at 7 that they could attend a county, city and lake development officials meeting. The motion stated that no action would be taken.

Lamb reviewed results with the canvassers before going across to the main courthouse to open the provisional ballots. Lamb asked the commissioners to verify the results on the canvass that were on the ballot.

Lamb pointed out the write-ins that affected races were those for the Parker City Council and the Prairie View USD 362 Position 4.

As reported by the Journal last week, Kandice Higgins was elected to the Parker City Council with six write-in votes. She will join incumbents Gary Earley and Jerry Summers, who were re-elected.

Robert Suppenbach was elected to the Prairie View USD 362 school board with seven write-ins. Several other candidates had one vote.

The canvass confirmed the unofficial results in other races across the county.

Cindy Inman, Meredith L. Johnson and Kaye Hardy were confirmed as winners of at-large positions on the Pleasanton USD 344 Board of Education.

It also confirmed the election of Daniel Earnest to fill the unexpired term in the Position 1 board seat for Jayhawk USD 346. Tracy L. Springer, Matt Higgins and Ketturah “Kitty” Rhynerson also were elected to that board.

In addition to Suppenbach, Rita Boydston and Wade Teagarden, both unopposed, were re-elected to the Prairie View school board.

Byron D. Coates, Paul B. Moeller and Donnie Rhynerson were elected to the Blue Mound City Council. And Thomas W. Capp, Keith Stoker and David Brenneman were elected to the La Cygne Council.

Cindy C. Smith retained her post as Linn Valley mayor and Lewis Donelson and Michael Hemphill were elected to the city council. Mound City voters chose Cody Beckman, Fanchion Shadden and Megan Purvis to be on the city council.

Declared candidates Rochelle Schreckhise, Aaron Portman and Joseph Whitaker were elected to the Pleasanton city council in a race that had 66 write-in votes for 16 candidates. Kenny Stark had 31 of those write-ins, however, it was not enough to gain a seat on the council.

The canvass confirmed that Kevin Wood retained his seat as mayor of Prescott, and John Maloney and Ronald W. Roberts were elected to the two council posts.

And Kendra Browning and Treva Broyles were elected to be Marais des Cygne Extenion District 16 board members with more than 500 votes each. There were 10 people receiving write-in votes for those positions with the top write-in candidate pulling in four votes.

Lamb explained to the commissioners about a required post-election audit where two races were randomly selected to be audited. Those races were city council for Parker and Blue Mound.

He said he had a hand-count board come in last Tuesday and they went through and hand counted the results on those two races. The hand counters came out with the exact same numbers that the machines counted. The audit was approved by the state and the county was approved to go ahead with the canvass.

Lamb told the commissioner that they had very low turnout for this election. Countywide it was less than 10 percent which is just a horrible turnout, said Lamb. The only place we had very high turn out at all was in Pleasanton where there was a contested race for school board and there were many write-in votes for city council.

Before going to the courthouse, Lamb told commissioners that there were 15 provisional votes. Three were not registered, six had address changes, and three were poll worker errors or errors in the election office.

Lamb’s recommendation to the commissioners was that they not count the three ballots but to county the other 12. The commissioners moved to approve the 12 provisional ballots.

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