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  • Charlene Sims, Journal staff

Commissioner to develop plans for former judicial building

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Sept. 12, Commissioner Danny McCullough updated the other commissioners on the plans for remodeling the former district court, the former county attorney’s office and the courthouse.

McCullough said that he had met the previous week with several people, including, County Clerk David Lamb, Appraiser Kathy Bridges, and others to walk through the buildings.

McCullough told the commissioners that he thought they had worked out a decent plan for remodeling to accommodate the second floor offices, appraisers and mapping department, into the district court building.

He said that Bridges had a drawing and he was going to go over that and bring back a more visual plan to the commission next week. He said it would be a plan that Public Works Director Shaun West could put out for bidders on the project.

McCullough said that he had walked through the former county attorney’s office, the former district court, the annex and the main courthouse to see what repairs were needed.

He said that he was concerned about the room in the courthouse basement where the voting machines were stored. He said that Lamb was running two dehumidifiers down there to keep the humidity down.

Lamb told the commissioners that one idea he had was to remodel the old attorneys office for storage of the voting machines and another area with more public access for advance voting. This would allow some of the people in his office to move into the room next to the main clerk’s office.

McCullough said that it did not seem like a lot of construction was needed for the district court building, mostly cosmetic things like painting.

The biggest problem in the main courthouse building, according to McCullough, is the cooling and heating system. He said that each office had a least one window air conditioner running. He said that he had asked maintenance director Rick Castle to get with some HVAC companies for bids on running a complete central air conditioning system in the building.

He also expressed concern that, even though they had done a lot of work on the boiler, it might be difficult to have it repaired in the future.

McCullough said that he would check about the historical preservation concerns about running the central air, and that he would also check on grants that were available for preservation.

McCullough has also been working getting bids to renovated the Pleasanton Senior Center, however it has been taking longer than anticipated to get bids for that project.

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