Commissioners approve $57,500 for Hell's Bend bridge design

MOUND CITY – Public Works Director Shaun West gave his report to the Linn County Commission on Mon., Nov. 8.

Commissioners approved a contract with BG Consultants, Lawrence, Kans. for the design phase of the Off System 5 bridge Hell’s Bend Bridge at the cost of $57,500. They authorized West to sign the contract.

The Hell’s Bend Bridge requires engineering expertise as it will be an elevated bridge that goes over railroad tracks.

West reported that Commissioner Jim Johnson had brought up some safety issues caused by overgrown brush at the intersection of K31 highway and 350 Road.

Linn County Commissioner Jim Johnson said that was a terrible corner if a person was headed south and then has to turn left on 350 Road. He said that he had talked to the landowner and he was on board for working with the county and state on cleaning out the brush.

Johnson suggested that West and he could meet with the landowner, and the state.

The commissioners authorized Johnson to negotiate an agreement between the landowner, county and state about clearing the brush.

The commissioners also dealt with another roadway problem at 875 Road and Lane Road. Johnson said that the landlord had given permission for the county to clear out the brush so that there was a line of site at that intersection. The commissioners approved the road crew going out to work on private land to clear out the brush that was blocking line of site for the roadway.

West asked the commissioners to raise the pay scale of three employees who had been hired in at a rate that did not consider their qualifications. The employees were Donnie Snyder and Rodney Honn who received and increase of 25 cents per hour, and Donald Fish who received an increase of 12 cents per hour.

West also brought two reduced construction/demolition dumping fee applications to be approved.

One was at 20479 E 1000 Rd. in Pleasanton, and the other was at 222 W. Taft in Parker. The commissioners approved the applications.

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