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Commission approves 6-month moratorium on solar farms

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Because companies are seeking to build commercial solar projects in the county, the Linn County Commission has placed a six-month moratorium on their construction. (Getty Images/Kansas Reflector)

MOUND CITY – Shortly after an executive session with Planning and Zoning Administrator Darin Wilson and County Counselor Gary Thompson on Monday, Oct. 1, the Linn County Commissioners approved a six-month moratorium on commercial solar farms in Linn County.

Landowners, particular in the northeast section of the county have for more than a year reported that they have been contacted by firms wanting to lease or purchase land to install commercial solar projects. A Florida-based company recently gained approval for a 2,000-acre solar project in western Johnson County and eastern Douglas County.

Commissioner Rick James read the resolution 2022-33 which provides for the temporary prohibition of commercial solar farms because there has been an increase in interest in commercial solar farms in Linn County, Kansas on the part of the general public and on the part of industries and companies wanting to lease real estate for the installation of commercial solar farms.

The resolution goes on to say that the planning commission is currently working on amendments in the zoning regulations to address the building of commercial solar structures and solar facilities in Linn County. It is anticipated that zoning regulations will be completed for the building of solar structures and solar facilities within six months of the approval of this resolution.

In the resolution it is stated that the term commercial solar farms means a commercial facility that produces more than one megawatt of electricity from the conversion of sunlight to electricity for commercial sales of electricity.

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