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Commission balks at KwiKom contract to provide broadband

Updated: Jul 4

MOUND CITY – On Monday, June 20, the Linn County Commissioners decided against approving a contract submitted by a broadband service company.

Economic Development Director Jessica Hightower brought a contract to be signed by the commissioners from KwiKom Communications, the company they earlier this month awarded $580,000 to for installing broadband in western Linn County.

The contract stated that KwiKom would start the purchasing and building process as soon as the agreement was signed and they were paid the $580,000. If they did not complete the process in two years, all of the money would have to be returned and if they were late in returning the money, there would be 3 percent interest charged.

After Commissioner Danny McCullough, a construction contractor, said that he was in the wrong business, Commissioner Rick James asked who had written the contract.

Hightower said that KwiKom had and asked if there was something he did not like.

James asked why the company wanted all of the money up front. James turned to County Counselor Gary Thompson and said we might just be giving them financing for two years.

Thompson told the commissioners they could propose a different arrangement if they wanted, holding back a certain amount of money until completion.

It was decided that Thompson would write a different contract withholding 30 percent until the job was completed and have the commissioners look at it next week.

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