Commissioners decide on credits for Justice Center sign

Updated: Jan 5

MOUND CITY – Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson asked the commissioners on Monday, Dec. 13, what name they wanted on the identification plaque for the new Justice Center and whose names should be on the plaque.

The plaque will have the county’s and sheriff’s logo on it as well as the sheriff’s, architect’s and construction manager’s name.

Commission Chair Rick James joked that if it came within budget they would put their names on it, if not they would put previous commissioner Mike Page’s name.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked if this was in the budget, and Thompson said yes.

Johnson laughed and said he did not want his name on it. James said that he and Commissioner Danny McCullough’s vote would override Johnson’s.

McCullough asked about Vicki Leonard’s name being on it.

James said he thought the three present commissioners and the two previous commissioners should be on the plaque because they were the ones who got it started.

It was finally decided that all three present commissioners and the two previous commissioners along with County Clerk David Lamb should have their name on it. Former Sheriff Paul Filla's name will also be listed.

The name for the building will be the Linn County Justice Center.

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