Commissioners discuss projects for Linn County Park

Updated: Jan 25

MOUND CITY – What started out as a report on expenses and receipts for the Linn County Park became a business strategy session on Monday, Dec. 27. Park Manager Sheri Loveland met with the Linn County commissioners to update the park report for 2021.

Loveland, who was recently appointed to the post, said that in looking at past reports she noted that there were several sources of revenue that had not be in the report earlier this month. She said that $8,700 was added from the rental house, $2,275 from haying, $1,100 for the marina’s share of laundry machine profits, and $120 for hunting licenses. These additions bring up the receipts so that as of the end of November, the park is $36,629 in the black.

Commission Chair Rick James asked what new things Loveland had done and was planning.

Loveland told the commissioners that she has Airbnb set up for two of the cabins and the VenTek machine has made it easier for people to pay their fees. She is now looking at signs for the highway and other locations, booths at RV and boat shows, travel books and Internet sites and she has been offering special deals like rent two nights, get one free.

James and Commissioner Danny McCullough, offered several other ideas including putting up the cabin that they already have materials for, providing televisions and Internet in the cabins, keyless entry for the cabins, adding a swimming area if approved by Evergy, improving the splash park, and maybe a restaurant or more food in the future.

Loveland said she thinks that women need something to do while they are at the park and suggested that could include shopping in the marina for locally made goods.

McCullough said he thought it might be good to take down some trees around the cabins by the lake so people could see the lake.

James asked Loveland what was needed now. Loveland said they needed a new mower. She was told to bring in three bids for the mower and also the cost for building the cabin.

Loveland said that a new washer and dryer might be necessary since they are doing the linens for the Airbnb cabins.

James asked about adding more cabins. Former park manager and current Public Works Director Shaun West said that they would have to check on infrastructure, specifically the lagoon capabilities before adding many more.

James also encouraged Loveland to look at televisions for the cabins. West will check with Information Technology Director Chris Martin to see when or if Internet can be installed.

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