County clears way to get refund on overcharge

Updated: Feb 22

MOUND CITY – Linn County Commissioners conducted a variety of business on Monday, Feb. 7.

The commissioners approved the signing of a release to the electrical engineering company, Ross and Baruzzini Inc. The release will allow Linn County to receive $196,129 from the company. The company made a mistake in their bid for the Justice Center initially, and this is the refund for the overcharge.

County Counselor Gary Thompson presented three applications for reduced dumping fee to the commissioners, and all three were approved. The first two were for Tanglewood Property Owners Association for the addresses of 54 S. Lakeside Terrace and 454 S.E. Lakeside Drive. Both locations have two lots side by side.

The property owners association has purchased these locations and are cleaning them up. Thompson said that both properties meet the requirement for receiving reduced dumping fees.

Thompson then told the commissioners that the third reduced dumping fee application was for 288 E. Second Street in Prescott by Daniel F. Norbury. The building was purchased by Norbury, and the city sent a letter endorsing the request.

The Linn County Commission also voted to eliminate a position that was vacant for the north road shop. The position was also intended to help out in the Pleasanton shop.

Commissioners decided to redistribute the funds for that position to the operators in the north and south shop. The county will do that by adding four steps to the current operators’ and truck drivers’ pay scales in both shops.

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