County could shoulder liability for inability to access Parker residence

Updated: Mar 10

MOUND CITY – The dispute between the city of Parker and Recycling Services, a metal recycling yard located on the south edge of the city, has caused another problem.

Linn County mapping coordinator Pam Cannon told the Linn County Commission on Monday that the dispute was causing an issue with the 911 system.

Cannon showed them a map with a cabin with an address that is just off South Walnut Street. The recycling company has put a gate across the street, and Cannon told commissioner she wasn’t sure how first responders would get to the cabin.

The only other access to the cabin is to drive across the dam for the Parker city lake. The recycling center also gated off the church and this has been a problem, she told them.

The city and recycling center have been in court about the road. Cannon said it was going to be a liability to the county because emergency vehicles cannot get there if it is gated.

County Counselor Gary Thompson said that he thought Parker was working on condemning some of that area so it could be a public street.

James brought up another question about emergency services. The commission had just approved an exception for a second residence to be put on a property so that a family could take care of a family member.

James asked how that affected emergency services in finding the second house.

Cannon said if there is a separate driveway, it has to have a separate 911 address. If there was one driveway, it was the responsibility of the property owner to have it marked so that emergency services can find it in the dark.

She said that there was one case where the second house was a half mile off that single driveway, and she thought it would be a nightmare for 911 services to find.

Cannon said she would prefer that the second house have a separate address even if it was down the same driveway.

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