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County dispatch not yet moved to Justice Center

While the former Linn County Sheriff's Office building no longer houses the sheriff's office and inmates, dispatchers still work from there until 911 equipment is set up at the new Justice Center building. (File photo)

MOUND CITY – Information Technology Director Chris Martin updated the Linn County Commission on issues with moving the 911 system and the generator at the old jail on Monday, Sept. 26.

Martin said that Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) started the installation of the 911 equipment and the back room install has been done. He said they were still working on a circuit that has to be done with the county’s 911 provider, Lumen, but MARC is taking care of that.

“We hope that dispatch will be eligible to move soon,” said Martin. “We don’t have a specific date because Lumen has not given us a date. That’s the only thing we are waiting on at this point.”

Martin also told the commissioners that the county had 30 cameras delivered, not the full shipment. He said that Maintenance Director Rick Castle had installed 26 of the cameras so far and has done a great job with that.

Martin told the commissioners that he had not reached out with the bids yet to move the generator at the old jail because they were waiting until the dispatchers were ready to move.

He said that generator would be moved over to the old courthouse and it had to be moved before the building could be demolished. He said they needed to take the transfer switch off and that may be something that the electrician that we used to put it there could do and just have him deconstruct it off of the facility.

Martin said the road shop in Pleasanton came up with a great way to move the generator using a piece of equipment the county has, so a crew may be able to move it off to the side and store it temporarily.

The generator will be set over by the courthouse and will be able to power the old district court and the courthouse. Part of the bid to move it will be pouring a pad to put it on, said Martin. But since the county does not have a time for moving it, that is what they are waiting on before putting bids out.

The location of the generator will be pretty much directed by Atmos and where the gas lines are going to be, said Martin.

He also explained that some electrical lines in the courthouse will need to be adjusted so they can fit the new arrangement.

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