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County earns Standard and Poor's A+ bond rating, again

Updated: Aug 10

MOUND CITY – On Monday, August 1, the Linn County Commissioners heard and update about Linn County’s Standard and Poor (S&P) bond rating. Joey McLiney of Mission-based McLiney and Co., an unofficial financial advisor to Linn County, told the commissioners that the county still has an A+ bond rating.

McLiney said that determination had been on hold by S&P waiting for the county’s audit to be completed. The county had been put on credit watch because S&P had not received an audit they required for 2020. At that time, no local governments were getting their audits done in a timely manner because of COVID.

When Linn County did get its audit, McLiney and County Clerk David Lamb met with S&P and the determination was made that they county was still an A+ rating.

McLiney said, “A+ was absolutely outstanding and is a strong reflection on your management.”

In other business, the commissioners:

• Learned from County Counselor Gary Thompson that the county still had not received its certificate of occupancy from the state fire marshal’s office. Another exhaust fan had gone out and was ordered. Until that is installed, the county will not receive the approval for the certificate.

• Approved employees from the public works department working with Information Technology Director Chris Martin in removing a tree that is blocking network access to the county shop in Mound City

• Learned from Public Works Director Shaun West that the county attorney’s office has been moved from its temporary offices to the new Justice Center.

• Learned from West that the new Bobcat skid loader had been received.

• Learned that the fuel was delivered to the airport on Friday. The new cost for customers is $6.25 per gallon.

• Learned that the road foreman for asphalt had decided to make an adapter for transferring asphalt from the tank to the truck when he learned that the cost from the delivery company for an adapter would be $5,500.

• Approved West going out for bids for propane for all the county offices at a 12 month price.

• Discussed three request for proposals that will go out for remodeling the current district court building, demolishing and salvage of the old jail building, and improvements to the annex building. West suggested to the commissioners that the annex building probably needed some exterior work done. Thompson said that the roof on the annex probably was 30 years old.

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