County experiencing delays in making timely credit card payments

MOUND CITY – On Monday Jan. 24, Linn County Clerk David Lamb explained some issues that the county was having with payments to a few credit cards and how that was being settled.

Lamb said that a $2,500 payment from last year's expenses on Information Technology Director Chris Martin credit card was never received by the credit card company.

Lamb said that the amount was taken from several departments’s budgets but around $2,000 was paid out of the contingency fund. Lamb said that County Treasure Janet Kleweno wanted to wait one more week before cancelling the check and paying it again.

It will be the easier to just process all of it out of the contingency fund rather than having to make corrections on several department budgets, said Lamb.

Lamb told the commissioner that there was a similar problem with the BP gas card for the fire department. The payment had not been received. He did not know if it was the mail or the offices at the credit card companies.

In a separate call, County Fire Chief Doug Barlet said that since the fire department’s BP cards had been closed due to lack of payment, the fire department was using the county’s BP card until it was resolved.

Barlet said you could see on on the county’s register that the check was written on Dec. 20.

Lamb said the county was getting out the checks as soon as they can but they were just not getting there.

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