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County fire and ambulance report for Dec. 12

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners heard reports from the ambulance service and fire department on Mon., Dec.12.

American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson reported that AMR continues to work on staffing in Linn County.

Anderson reported that so far there had been 15 transports for the month of December.

Anderson reported the total calls for November were 100 and 55 transports with an overall average response time of 13 minutes, 18 seconds. Three patients were transferred out by helicopter, one for a stroke, one for a heart attack, and one for severe burns from a structure fire.

By city, the numbers are:

• Blue Mound, 4 calls, 4 transports

• Centerville, 2 calls, 2 transports

• La Cygne, 21 calls, 8 transports

• Linn Valley, 7 calls, 4 transports

• Mound City, 20 calls, 12 transports

• Parker, 8 calls, 5 transports

• Pleasanton, 29 calls, 19 transports

• Prescott, 8 calls, 1 transport

One call did not fall into a particular city.

The breakdown for commission districts are:

• District 1, 27 calls, 12 transports, average response time 9 minutes 43


• District 2, 41 calls, 25 transports, 11 minutes, 44 seconds

• District 3, 32 calls, 18 transports, 18 minutes, 21 seconds

Linn County Fire Chief Randy Hegwald reported that there had been six incidents the past week bringing the yearly total to 532. The incidents included two medical assists with EMS, one motor vehicle no injury, one arcing shorted electrical equipment, one alarm system due to malfunction and one outside rubbish fire.

Hegwald told the commissioners that it had been a quiet week. He said the rains came in and cut down on grass fires.

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