County fire and ambulance reports on Feb. 28

Updated: Mar 18

MOUND CITY – Fire department and ambulance reports for the past week were presented at the Linn County Commission meeting on Mon. Feb. 28.

Linn County Fire and Emergency Management Director Doug Barlet reported that there were nine incidents the past week. There were four grass/brush fires, two calls where firefighters were dispatched and them canceled enroute, one emergency medical service(EMS) assistance, one automobile accident with injuries and one structure fire. Barlet said there had been 67 calls since the first of the year.

Barlet presented two new applications for firefighters. Tommy Moore applied to be volunteer firefighter at Pleasanton. Pleasanton has 13 firefighters currently, and the captain has approved his application and would like to hire him on a probationary basis.

Barlet said Moore had some experience and is currently a deputy with the Linn County Sheriff’s department. Since he is a current county employee, Barlet said that the county could probably waive the physical and drug screen.

The second firefighter application is Kyle Ackerman. His application is for the La Cygne fire station. That station has 13 firefighters on its roster.

The captains and lieutenants recommend that he be accepted. He does come with some experience, said Barlet. He suggested a physical and drug screen and the full probationary period on him as well.

The commissioners approved hiring the two firefighters

Barlet said that the numbers for firefighters was still low. He said that a few fire stations just have three, four, five firefighters. Those are the county’s smaller communities. La Cygne and Pleasanton have the highest number in the county, he said.

Next Galen Anderson, gave the February report up until Feb. 28 and also the monthly totals for January. He had been gone in February and had not yet given the January report.

Anderson said that in the last seven days, there had been 12 transports and 62 for the month of February.

“For it being a short month, it was quite busier than the month of January. The volume has picked up quite a bit for ambulance service,” said Anderson.“

Anderson reported the total calls for January was 99 and 57 transports with and overall response time of 13 minutes, 28 seconds.

By city, the numbers are:

  • Blue Mound, 1 call, 1 transport

  • Centerville, 3 calls, 2 transports

  • La Cygne, 27 calls, 16 transports

  • Linn Valley, 7 calls, 2 transports

  • Mound City, 20 calls, 14 transports

  • Parker, 9 calls, 4 transports

  • Pleasanton, 26 calls, 16 transports

  • Prescott, 6 calls, 2 transports

The breakdown for commission districts are:

  • District 1, 34 calls, 18 transports, average response time 9 minutes 4 seconds

  • District 2, 34 calls, 21 transports, 12:36

  • District 3, 29 calls, 18 transports, 20:05.

Anderson reminded the commissioners that, while the response times in District 3 may seem high, in reality they are not. In District 3, the time per call is determined by the average of when the paramedic supervisor stationed at Centerville arrives and when the ambulance arrives, reported Anderson. Typically, the supervisor arrives at the scene several minutes before the ambulance arrives.

Anderson said that January was a very busy month for patients being flown out by helicopter. There were a total of seven patients being flown out by helicopter, two experiencing significant cardiac incidents, two patients experienced significant trauma from motor vehicle incidents, one medical emergency, and two that were suspected strokes.

And so far for the month of February’s last seven days, there have been 12 transports.

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