County fire report for April 11

MOUND CITY– Linn County Fire Chief Doug Barlet gave the fire incident report for the previous week to the Linn County Commission on Monday, April 11. There were 10 incidents, six grass or brush fires, one trash fire, one structure fire, one motor vehicle accident with injuries and one natural gas leak. There have been 177 incidents year to date.

Barlet asked permission to send a few firefighters to the Parsons fire school, which costs about $600 per firefighter. Barlet said that the fire budget has the money to send several firefighters. He has notified all of the firefighters and is waiting to see how many get back with him about going.

Attendees can go for one day or three days depending on what classes they are interested in. Barlet said the department has sent people almost every year.

Commissioners said they had no problem with it.

Barlet asked that the emergency declaration for COVID be rescinded and go back to normal operation. During the time the declaration was in effect, they were able to receive protective equipment, tests, and other medical supplies from the state.

County Counselor Gary Thompson will write a resolution to rescind the emergency declaration.

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