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County-sponsored job fair deemed a success

Updated: Feb 2

MOUND CITY – A job fair in Mound City on Saturday, Jan. 8, drew more people seeking jobs than the organizer of the event was expecting.

Morgan Northcutt, the human resource officer for Linn County, reported on the event to the Linn County Commission on Monday, Jan. 10. She said that there were eight vendor booths there, including the county’s.

Northcutt said that there was a really good turnout, a lot more turnout than she thought there would be.

She said that she ended up having about six interviews for correctional officers and four for dispatch. She also collected quite a few applications for public works and plans to weed through those to see who is qualified enough for those positions.

“It was a really good turnout, everybody had people at their booths almost the whole time,” said Northcutt.

Commissioner Rick James asked what other companies participated.

Northcutt said that Sugar Valley, Landmark Bank, Tri-Ko, Apple Bus, the City of La Cygne, and the county’s public works department and the sheriff’s office were represented.

KANSASWORKS out of Pittsburg was there, and a woman came from Chanute and helped everybody sign in, Northcutt said. They provided signage for us and they also did a lot of our advertising.

KANSASWORKS is something I am going to use again. It is free of charge because it is government funded, said Northcutt.

Northcutt added if the county wants to sponsor another job fair, KANSASWORKS will take everything on. We just tell them who we want involved then they will get that taken care of for us. They provide all the signs in the road and they will send people down to work it with us.

They provide reimbursements for trainings and this is again all free of charge. We will just provide paperwork to them monthly and they will reimburse us up to $5,000 per new hire for any trainings we send them off to.

We can put jobs on their site free of charge so it is something we are going to utilize. They helped us a lot at this job fair.

Northcutt said that she felt like this job fair was successful. She plans on having one in April to get the seniors out of the high schools as they are getting ready to graduate. We can let them see what is out there if they don’t feel like college is the way to go.

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