• Charlene Sims, Journal staff

County, state, federal agencies look for bridge alternatives

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Nov. 14, the Linn County Commissioners learned that Public Works Director Shaun West met with engineers from the state and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service who determined that the Zenor Road project was going to cost a lot more than planned. Estimates are that it will cost well over $600,000, said West.

West said that one wing wall needed to be completely replaced and the other three repaired as well as footing work. He said that, as a group, they looked at the funding.

Funding would not be available until 2027 from the fish and wildlife service, so the county, state and federal are going to back up and have some discussions. West said that he is going to look at the possibility to do whatever short term and patching the county can do on it. And instead of building a bridge, building a culvert system, allowing water to come over it seasonally so that it would be a lot less expense to the county, given the fact that it does not have any field access.

It is basically an access for wildlife enthusiasts and people using the federal ground. As a group they decided to look at other alternatives that are a lot less expensive, he said.

In other business, the commission:

• Learned from Airport Manager Jessica Hightower that the cover for the airport building would be completed by Dec. 23 and then delivered.

• Conducted a hearing and approved making Iliff Road minimum maintenance from a point 3,400 feet north of 2400 Road, north to the intersection of Iliff Road and the Linn-Miami county line. The commissioners also approved gating of that section of road. Residents who lived near that section of the road have complained about people trespassing on that property.

• Approved a new policy for county assistance with construction and demolition (C &D) disposal or dumping fees. Any reduction in fees shall be valid for 90 days from the date of its approval. Grantees may apply for extension of that time upon showing good cause for failure to complete that demolition within that time frame. Such an extension may be granted by a majority vote of the commission.

The new policy, which replaces the old one, sets a 90-day time limit on the applicant requesting the reduced fees. If a longer time is required, they must come back and explain why.

• Heard a quick update from County Attorney Burton Harding about trials that were scheduled. He said that there was a trial that was scheduled for the end of October but it was cancelled. There is another trial scheduled for Dec. 7 and another one the first week of January.

• Learned from County Clerk David Lamb that the election night went smoothly and the election canvass will be held next Monday, Nov. 21, at 9:30 a.m. James said he would not be there that day.

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