Courthouse mail efficiency called into question

Updated: Jul 22

MOUND CITY – The monthly summary analysis of labor hours, labor costs, and several other categories was presented to the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, April 18.

Linn County Public Works Office Manager Joyce Hall explained about the mail delivery line item and said that it was the maintenance employees picking up the mail, sorting it and delivering it. In March, more than 26 hours of maintenance staff time was consumed by mail delivery to the courthouse.

Commissioner Danny McCullough said that was why the maintenance staff was not getting the light bulbs changed.

McCullough expressed his concerns about the courthouse maintenance employees picking up mail and sorting it. He said that he did not think that should be part of their job description.

He said his concern was that the maintenance employees were working around the county at different buildings and had to stop and come over and do the mail.

County Clerk David Lamb said that if both employees were gone, they usually contact someone in the county clerk’s department or another department to get the mail.

Commissioner Rick James asked about having an address change and having it delivered to the courthouse.

Lamb explained that the post office did not deliver to addresses and businesses, but it gave the county a post office box without charge. He said he did not think having it delivered to the courthouse was an option.

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