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Elect Mark Holland for U.S. Senate

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By Mark Holland, Candidate for U.S. Senate

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I am running for US Senate in Kansas because as a father, a pastor, and a mayor, I put people over politics.

I come from a Kansas family that is committed to community service. My father is a pastor who taught me the value of working for all people, especially those in greatest need. My mother is a teacher who taught me the value of public education and using our gifts to improve the community.

I worked to honor my family legacy of service as mayor by creating jobs and economic growth in Kansas City. During my tenure, we brought in $2.8 billion in private investment for new industries and opportunities. We also rolled out innovative solutions to community problems to make government more efficient and more effective for everyone. I worked to honor my family legacy of service as pastor by serving all people. Community Service drives my leadership.

We need elected leaders who are focused on serving the community, not simply their own re-election. Our current U.S. Senator, Jerry Moran, has put partisan politics above our democracy by refusing to hold people accountable for telling lies about our elections, rioting in our Capitol, assaulting police officers, and threatening harm to the former Vice President of the United States. Jerry Moran has refused to stand up to the conspiracy theories about Covid 19 and our life-saving vaccines. Jerry Moran put politics ahead of Kansas jobs by voting against the bi-partisan infrastructure bill that is bringing $3.8 billion for Kansas roads, bridges, and broadband access. For 20 years, Jerry Moran has been in Washington DC following the political winds for re-election, rather than leading for Kansas values. The last thing Kansas needs is another weathervane.

I will serve the community by supporting real wages for workers, funding rural and urban hospitals, and our public schools. I will hold people accountable for the lies that harm our health and our democracy. I will support smart infrastructure investments that bring jobs and grow our businesses. I will continually look forward for new industries and opportunities that benefit Kansas.

Most importantly, I will work to fundamentally change the toxic and dysfunctional political environment in Washington DC that has alienated so many Americans. If we want to change politics, we need to elect community servants, not career politicians.

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