• Roger Sims

Engineer: Awning for health department needs to be redesigned

MOUND CITY – Linn County Health Department Director Missy Lancaster updated the Linn County Commission on activities of the health department on Monday, Oct. 24.

Lancaster reported that the health department advisory committee would be meeting on the evening of Monday, Oct. 24.

Lancaster discussed options for adding awning to the health department building, whether it would be on the front or the side. She said that the grant money being used for the awning had to be spent by June 30, 2023.

Commissioner Danny McCullough said that he had met with the contractor interested in doing the project and they had discussed the different locations.

Economic Development Director Jessica Hightower said the county’s contracted engineer had looked at the plans and said that the way it was proposed there could be an updraft that would take the awning off of the building.

The engineer working with the contractor said that he would do the design and oversee the compliance with the plan for a fee of $3,600 to $4,950.

Lancaster told the commissioners that after they approved the plan, she would have to send it to the state for them to approve it.

Lancaster said that they give flu shots and do testing any day of the week. The COVID shots are just given on Wednesdays and that’s because after they open a vial of the COVID vaccine it has to be used that day.

She said that it would be better if a person is coming in for a COVID test or if a child has a rash that might be chicken pox, they will come out to the car to give the test. The health center also does tests for the flu, strep, and RSV.

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